Local News Monday March 20, 2017

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that some 24-million people would lose their health care coverage within 10 years if congress passes the American Health Care Act in its current form. Among those losing their healthcare, could be about a half-million Kentuckians, according to the latest numbers from the Urban Institute. The reason is that the AHCA would wipe out the Medicaid expansion that happened under the Affordable Care Act. That expansion allowed people who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for government-paid health care coverage to receive it. The GOP plan would instead allow an expansion of tax credits based on age, rather than income. Some opponents of the plan have said the tax credits would amount to an unfair tax on the elderly.

Fire damaged a commercial building early yesterday morning in Laurel County. Fire officials say fire fighters from four different departments were called out to help with the blaze at the Aisin Automotive plan outside of London. Investigators believe the fire started in the Dust Vac Collector, but they aren’t sure yet what sparked the blaze. There were no reports of anyone being hurt in the fire.

One of the stars of the TV Show Duck Dynasty was in Eastern Kentucky this weekend. John Godwin spoke at the Faith Assembly of God in London yesterday during their regular Sunday service, and also addressed a men’s event on Saturday night.

Workers at the Walmart in Pikeville had to deal with an unruly customer last night. A deer managed to get inside the building at about 8PM, wandering around the store until officers with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife arrived on the scene and got it out safely. The deer didnt do any damage to the store, and no one was hurt.

Today is the first official day of spring! To celebrate most Dairy Queen locations are offering customers a free vanilla soft servce ice cream cone.

Three Kentucky State Troopers were hurt on Friday after a woman led them on a slow speed chase in a stolen vehicle. According to a press release The ARH Psychiatric Center reported that a 30-year old woman had walked out of the center without authorization. A short time later they learned that a truck had been stolen from Cumberland Valley Engineering by a woman matching the same description. The troopers found the truck and tried conducting a traffic stop but the woman went about 8 miles, ignoring the flashing lights before hitting the drivers side door of one patrol car, hitting a second trooper, then pinning a third trooper between the truck a guardrail. The woman was arrested on a long list of charges, including three counts of attempted murder, and two counts of criminal mischief.

Harland County deputies have arrested a 50-year old Totz man who is accused of stealing jewelry while doing work at a home. A grand jury indicted Donald Pittman on theft charges after he allegedly stole a pearl necklace back in November while doing contract work at a Loyall City home.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is offering a class for women who want to learn some outdoor basics like hunting and fishing. The program called Becoming an Outdoors Woman is on April 8th in Frankfort. You have until next Monday [March 27th] to register.