Local News Friday March 17, 2017

Kentucky State Police are looking for a Laurel County man, and federal agencies hope a 15-hundred dollar reward will encourage someone to turn him in. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives recently announced the award for information leading to the arrest of 40-year old Bobby Green. The man is suspected of endangering a police officer. Detectives say Green should be considered armed and dangerous— don’t approach him, just call KSP.

Officials with Baptist Health Corbin don’t expect to layoff workers. The hospital made the statement after media reports of Baptist Health planning to lay off more than 280 workers. While the hospital system expects to cut some administrative staff system-wide, none of those are expected to happen at the Corbin facility.

The Kentucky Senate this week approved a plan to allow Kentucky drivers to choose a Real ID-compliant driver's license. It’ll cost you five dollars more to get the enhanced license. It’s not something you really need to worry about— unless you do a lot of flying. The old licenses won't work at airports or federal facilities after December 31st.

This week Kentucky lawmakers lifted a decades-old ban on the use of nuclear power as a form of electricity… as coal becomes more and more a target of environmentalists. With many coal producers downsizing because of fewer coal fired power plants… workers are having to find new jobs. Job training programs like the Appalachian Regional Commission are among those on the list of independent agencies that could see drastic funding cuts if President Donald Trump’s budget is approved. Kentucky Coal Miner Rigel Preston says ARC provided him with job training that helped him transition from military life… back into the civilian world, and he doesn’t want to see ARC funding cut.

Three West Virginia men were arrested yesterday in Martin County in what the Sheriff's Department calls a blow in the fight against the drug epidemic. Sheriff John Kirk said investigators had conducted a controlled buy, purchasing methamphetamine near Sheldon Creek High School. The three men were taken into custody, each charged with 2 drug-related counts.

Three men are scheduled to appear in court next week to face charges in connection with a drug trafficking operation. According to court documents. John Paul Tucker, Jankie Jackson, and Tony Scott
were buying cocaine from Mexico then trafficked the drugs through Hazard. The court documents show the trio may have pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits, storing the loot in homes and safe deposit boxes in Paris and Hazard. Police also confiscated marijuana from a home in Georgetown, which is also linked to the drug ring. Investigators expect to make more arrests.

A debate over whether to accept a foreign country into NATO is starting to get personal. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said fellow Republican Sen. John McCain is "a little bit unhinged”. Rand’s comments were in response to McCain saying "the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” McCain made the comments aAFTER  campaignING to include Montenegro in NATO. Russia doesn’t like the idea, and neither does Paul.

Governor Matt Bevin says he’ll sign a bill to allow charter schools in Kentucky. The bill passed through both the house and the Senate after some amendments, and now goes to the Governor’s desk for signature.

Residents in Evarts are almost ready to start building the memorial wall they’ve been planning for several years. The Evarts Community Tribute Wall has received some grant money to help with the cost of construction. The Wall will pay tribute to locals who have served in the military… and also those who have served the community. The wall be built on a slab hear the train depot and Evarts Funeral Home.