Swap Shop

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**  Please note that beginning Monday, March 10th, the Swap Shop on 103.9 The Bulldog will begin airing from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m.
We will mainly announce mail bag items received by fax, email, our website, mail, or items dropped off to us at the station.  We will no
longer announce any items on the show recevied by telephone calls.  We will also no longer provide telephone numbers for people having
items you may want, in the instance you missed the Swap Shop live on the air.  With a small radio staff, it is becoming more difficult to take
live calls on the Swap Shop and provide telephone numbers to everyone after the show has ended!  Also, if you send to us any items to be announced
on Swap Shop, beginning March 10th, we will only announce three items per submission.  We hope you understand the changes, and we think they
will make for a better Swap Shop program!  Thanks for listening and for your support of your hometown radio station!  **

Buy, sell, or trade on Swap Shop! Please fill out the form below to submit an item.