Drug Bust in Letcher County

June 6, 2017

A Letcher County man faces multiple drug charges after several active meth labs were found on his property. Authorities were first called to his home because of an assault complaint. While the investigation into the call was underway, they discovered a cooler on his property that contained eight meth labs. The authorities took thirty-five year old Eric Frazier into custody. Deputies say it took close to six hours to safely dismantle and remove the labs. 



Pikeville Psychologist's Trial

June 6, 2017

Yesterday (June 5), a psychologist from Pikeville found himself in federal court due to charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, and false statements. Doctor Alfred Bradley Adkins was one of three men indicted for a social security fraud scheme. Allegedly, they filed false claims that netted six-million dollars in federal disability and healthcare benefit payments. The two other men involved were David Black Daugherty, a South Carolina judge, and Eric Christopher Conn, a Pikeville attorney. They have both plead guilty. Conn was scheduled to be sentenced next month, and he was slated to testify in Adkins’ trial; however, he removed his ankle monitor last week, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. 



Memorial Bridge Sign off Old 80 Defaced

June 6, 2017

The reflective green sign of the John Robert Parsons Memorial Bridge off Old Highway 80 was recently vandalized with black spray paint. The family of the man the sign memorialized was not happy about this damage to the sign of the bridge in Combs. John Robert Parsons passed away in 1968 while he was serving with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam. The sign is expected to be replaced shortly. 



President's Trip to OH and KY Coming Up

June 6, 2017

Tomorrow (June 5), President Trump is expected to travel to both Ohio and Kentucky in order to discuss the necessity of improvement to the bridges and levees of the states. Both kinds of infrastructure are imperative to the proper functioning of waterways. This push to improve the infrastructure arises from a White House that hopes to refocus the attention back onto the President's election campaign promises, which included the vow to boost jobs and facilitate economic growth through the work of infrastructure improvement and the improvement itself. During the campaign, the President pledged a ten-year, trillion-dollar program to repair and upgrade the failing infrastructure of the nation. This idea has received bipartisan support.


Local News Tuesday March 21, 2017

President Donald Trump was in Louisville last night, where he covered a wide-range of topics including immigration, health care, and jobs, telling the audience that miners are coming back.  Thousands of Trump supporters attended last night’s campaign-style rally.

State Troopers in Laurel County arrested a Texas man during a traffic stop over the weekend. According to a press release… a trooper stopped a car for a traffic violation, and he found that the 27-year old driver was wanted in Texas. Officers search the man’s car and found more than 5 ounces of what appeared to be crystal methamphetamine along with drug paraphernalia. The man was taken into custody and faces drug-related charges.

Kentucky State Police believe several brush fires that burned in Perry County on Sunday may have been set on purpose. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is also involved in the investigation. Officials say the fires threatened homes and businesses in Hazard off of Highway 15. They’re reviewing surveillance video from the area, and are asking anyone who might have seen anything suspicious to please call state police.

We’re just weeks away from the federal income tax deadline… which means con artists are in high gear trying to convince you that the IRS is on your case. Law enforcement agencies across the state have received reports recently about scammers calling, claiming that you need to pay fines right away over the phone with iTunes gift cards… or you’ll be arrested. IRS officials say they will never take payment over the phone, and certainly not with iTunes gift cards, and they don’t call you when you owe them money… they’ll contact you with an old fashioned letter through the mail.

The Perry County Drug Court has received a 1.3 million dollar federal grant to expand treatment services for adults who are struggling to rebuild their lives after drug addiction. The money will be used to help drug court participants with counseling and job coaching, as well as helping with housing, transportation, and child care needs.

A body found yesterday afternoon in Pulaski County has been identified as a Harlan County man. Police say a driver noticed the body in a drainage ditch along Highway 80 near KY-914. The man has been identified as 29-year old Jeremiah Childers from Cumberland. Investigators believe the man may have died while trying to run away from something, but say there’s nothing at this point to indicate any foul play. An autopsy is scheduled for today.

A Knox County man was arrested for allegedly holding a woman hostage at knifepoint for several hours. Officials with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office say 24-year old Brandon Davidson tried to run away from deputies when they arrived at the home. The woman wasn’t hurt, but investigators say Davidson threatened her with the knife. Davidson faces several charges including making terroristic threats and resisting arrest.

Police in London arrested a man on drunk driving charges after he crashed his Jeep Wrangler into a ditch Friday. Officers took 37-year old Jason R. Hale to the police department following the accident on Faith Assembly Church Road where his blood alcohol level registered .226… nearly three times the legal limit. He was booked into the Laurel County Detention Center and is out on bail.

Letcher County officials aren’t worried about potential cuts to the federal budget for new prison construction… because money has already been set aside to build the county’s new prison in Letcher county. President Donald Trump released his budget last week, which included cuts to federal prison construction projects, but 440 million dollars has already been set aside to pay for new Letcher County project. The prison is expected to help the county financially… providing as many as 1-thousand construction jobs once building begins, probably sometime next year… and then as many as 400 federal jobs to support the prison operations.

A new Smithsonian Exhibit at the Wayland Historical Society showcases sports teams and local sports history. The exhibit is called… Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America is open through April 22nd.