Bevin's Home Appraisal Completed

August 7, 2017

The Jefferson County Board of Assessment Appeals has found that Governor Matt Bevin’s home is worth 2.15 million dollars. Bevin bought the property for 1.6 million dollars earlier this year. The Jefferson County Property valuation administrator had said the property was worth nearly 3 million, and there was speculation that Bevin had gotten some underhanded deal on the property. That is what prompted Bevin to appeal, and the appeals board agreed that the property was worth a lower amount. 



Two Men Arrested in Martin County for Violating Grave

August 1, 2017
Two men have been arrested after deputies in Martin County say the men dug up the grave of one of the men’s grandmother. James Howard (33 years old) and Tea J Luster (26 years old) face charges for violating the grave. Howard told investigators that he thought there might be money or other valuables buried with his grandmother, Emily Howard, who died nearly 15 years ago.



Perry County High School Postpones Carnival due to Accident in Ohio

August 1, 2017
When a fair ride fell apart in Ohio, it killed one person and injured several others. The company who owned the ride, Amusements of America, was scheduled to bring their carnival rides to the Perry County Central High School next week for a carnival. However, the committee overseeing the event decided to postpone the fundraiser in light of the accident in Ohio.



Pike County Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident

August 1, 2017
A 21-year-old Pike County man died on Monday night in a motorcycle accident on Highway 979. Deputies say the highway was closed down for several hours after the accident happened. Investigators say Caleb Skeens was riding his motorcycle when it went off the road and down an embankment in the Grethel community. Skeens died at the scene.



Manhunt in Laurel County

August 1, 2017
Deputies in Laurel County are searching for Larry Wilder, the man who assaulted and injured one of their fellow deputies over the weekend. While Wilder has not been arrested yet, a number of other people have been taken into custody while officers searched for Wilder. Eight people were arrested, all of them on new drug charges, some of them with outstanding warrants. Deputies are asking anyone who knows where Wilder might be to please give them a call.