Possibly No Tap Water in McRoberts and Fleming Areas

June 15, 2017

Water customers in McRoberts and Fleming areas could see their water taps run dry for a day. Officials from the Fleming-Neon water system say a tree fell onto the city water tank at Tom Biggs. The water tank will be drained and inspected for damage once the tree is removed.



KFC in Space

June 15, 2017

Kentucky Fried Chicken plans to launch their new chicken sandwich, rather literally. KFC will put their new zinger sandwich into a KFC bucket-shaped capsule, and attach it to a high altitude balloon. The sandwich is expected to be in space for four days.



Letter from Escaped Convict

June 12, 2017

Eric Conn’s attorney says that the escaped convict has sent a letter to him. The letter outlines demands Conn wants met in exchange for his surrender. Back in March, Conn pleaded guilty to Social Security fraud and theft charges. He was scheduled to be sentenced next month. However, he removed an electronic monitoring device and fled earlier this month.

Those conditions outlined in the letter include two major parts. First, Conn demands that the others charged in connection with the Social Security theft get the same sentence as he is expected to get. Second, he demands that the FBI not charge him with any new crimes related to his fleeing from house arrest. Conn says that these conditions need to be met in order for him to surrender to the FBI.



Human Remains Found in Knox County

June 12, 2017

The Kentucky State Police initiated a death investigation after they were called out to a property along Kentucky Highway 1304 in Knox County yesterday (June 11). The caller and property owner found human remains, which was the reason for his or her call. The Knox County Coroner was also called to the scene to help recover the remains, which are being sent to the state Medical Examiner to assist with identification.



Missing Laurel County Teen Found Safe

June 12, 2017

A missing teenage girl from Laurel County was found in good health yesterday afternoon (Sunday, June 11) in Michigan. The 16-year old had been missing since leaving her home on East Laurel Road early Saturday morning. Authorities say she is safe.